We understand that our customers and our teams rely on us for frequent communications. We know how to act quickly so that others can perform at their best.


We embrace innovation, particularly when it comes to technology. We’re willing to take on ambitious challenges and assume responsibility for finding solutions.


We’re a global team working with a shared sense of purpose across the states to deliver on our promises. We’re engaged as a team to help our customers achieve success.


Our dependability fosters sound decision – making and accountability – not just with large projects, but in the small ways we interact daily with our customers, employees and suppliers.


We believe that safety is of the utmost importance. We strive to be the standard of the industry through innovation and continuous learning.


We strive to provide every customer with service that is the best in the industry. We operate with a strong work ethic, resulting efficiency in the performance of our jobs.


Perhaps the most asked question in transportation is, “where is the driver now?” and at KA Logistics, we have an answer…

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If you are in crunch and need to ship a package or freight in the shortest time possible, then you should consider…

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If you are in crunch and need to ship a package or freight in the shortest time possible, then you should consider our Hot Shot delivery service…

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We offer diverse career development opportunities for anyone who would like to join us in our drive toward the future.

In our family owned company, you’ll find exciting challenges and a motivated team of around 100 employees at various locations ready to support you

Our people are the reason our business is so successful, and without their dedication, hard work and commitment to providing the very best customer care, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

If you think you share our core values and would like to be a part of our friendly but professional team, please